Solar Buy Back – Cash In On Your Investment

Do you have £10,000 on your roof? Find out with Solar Buy Back!

Cash lump sum for your Solar PV system: Your next bright idea with Solar Buy Back.

We are contacting people who have invested in Renewable Energy who are enjoying the benefits of generating their own electricity. For our Solar Buy Back, we are looking for micro-generators (people with Solar PV) who are interested in cashing in on their solar investment.

The process is extremely simple, just follow the steps below. Offers of over £10,000 cash are the norm!.

1. Enter your details on-line

2. Get a free no obligation valuation

3. Receive a cash lump sum in 14 days

4. Continue to enjoy the free electricity generated by your system.

5. Your system will be fully maintained for up to 21 years*

We will enable you to get a valuation for your Solar PV and should you accept; you keep the system and 100% of the generated electricity. Typical Solar installed before April 2012, are receiving between £7,000 – £12,000 upfront.

Not only will you benefit from a lump sum, your system will be fully maintained and will have a free health check performed within 12 weeks after we transfer the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT).

This means we will remotely monitor your Solar PV performance and, if we see any drop in generation, we will identify and fix any problems at no cost**. Avoid unexpected bills and expensive replacement parts such as the inverter when you transfer your FiT to us. Don’t forget you keep 100% of the electricity generated and you are not tied to your current electricity provider.

To register your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us or read more about Solar Buy Back on our website. Read More About Solar Buy Back Here