Service, Maintenance, Breakdown, Repair

Keeping Your Renewable Energy System Maintained Makes It Work Better. It’s That Simple!

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure the optimum performance of your renewable energy system.

The Greener Group service, maintain and repair a range of renewable energy systems including Solar PV, Thermal, ASHP, GSHP and biomass boilers. Like any other type of mechanical or electrical device, a renewable energy system benefits from regular service and maintenance. Each technology has different service schedules but we would recommend at least an annual service to keep your system running smoothly.

Where Do We Offer Service & Maintenance?

To offer a competitive service our engineers generally travel up to two hours from our Chester head office for reactive repairs and breakdowns. However we are able to cover a wider are if required. We have scheduled service visits to sites all over the UK. If you have a requirement for servicing and maintenance of your renewable system please get in touch and we can discuss the requirements.

For more information on the specific renewable technologies we service, maintain and repair please visit the links below.

Solar PV Health Check & Service

Get a solar pv health check and service to make sure your system is functioning correctly.

To ensure your solar panels are working as efficiently as possible, it is important to keep up to date on your servicing and maintenance.

We recommend that you book in for a service and health check every 12 months and can tailor our packages to suit your needs.

Find out more about our solar PV servicing here


Solar Thermal Health Check & Service

Solar Thermal systems require regular maintenance to keep them operating optimally. Like any mechanical system looking after them correctly will increase both performance and life span.

Annual / Bi-annual servicing recommended including glycol top up / replacement.

Solar thermal systems can vary in size, output, type and manufacturer may require a variation of works dependent on these factors.

Find out more about our solar thermal servicing here


Heat Pump Health Check & Service

Regular servicing and maintenance of your Heat Pump whether Ground Source or Air Source can prolong the life expectancy of the system, reduce breakdowns and prevent costly call outs. Heat Pump manufacturers recommend that the frequency of maintenance visits to be no longer than 12 months between inspections.

Ensuring the system is maintained and performing efficiently allows you to rest assured that your heat pump continues to be covered by warranty and more importantly that your property will be warm all winter.

Find out more about heat pump service and maintenance here.


Rainwater Harvesting Service & Maintenance

Is your rainwater harvesting system showing signs of discoloured water, smells, sediment, bacteria such as legionella, poor efficiency or broken pumps, damaged filters? These are some of the things that can affect a rainwater system that hasn’t been maintained properly.

The Greener Group can look after your rain water harvesting system to ensure that it functions correctly for years to come. Annual service required to maintain warranty from most manufacturers.


Ventilation & Heat Recovery Health Check & Service

Apart from keeping all the air vents clear and clean, the only maintenance is periodic filter changes. There are several filters which need to be changed to keep the air flowing properly. How frequently depends on where you live and how clean the air is. The filters keep your air clean, but are also needed to keep the system working properly. The kitchen extract filter may need changing/ cleaning more often than the others. Filters may need to be changed every 3-6 months.


Renewable Energy System Fault Finding and Repair

We also offer system fault finding and repair services. We look after a number clients renewable portfolios including housing associations, commercial clients and the public sector. Recent examples of repair work include solar PV repair for Sanctuary Housing, solar thermal flush on a domestic property and MCB fault finding and upgrade on a 50kW Solar PV system.

if you have a system with a problem, fault or some kind of unknown gremlin we would be happy to have a look at it.

If you would like more information on servicing, maintenance or repair please contact us.