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Renewable Energy For New Builds

The Greener Group have been involved with many new build projects over the years. We pride ourselves on the range of products we offer and the quality of installation we provide.

We work with self-builders, architects and developers on new build properties from a single plot to multi-plot sites. Whether a high-end residential development and eco-house or a new commercial property, The Greener Group get involved from the design and planning stage.

Established over 9 years ago the experienced TGG team provide advice and guidance to any architect, developer or self-builder who is looking to use renewable and sustainable technology in their new build project.

Multiple Technologies From One Company

The Greener Greener Group has developed and grown over the years to a point where we can offer a suite of renewable energy products. This means the client can pick and choose the technologies suitable for a particular project and only has to liaise with one company throughout the whole design and installation process. It also simplifies warranty claims as any guarantee for the installations lies with us.

Working Together

From the start of the project, The Greener Group likes to get involved as early as possible. With an understanding that there will be a number of different parties involved with any build The Greener Group work with architects, developers, builders and other trades. Having worked on a range of new-build renewable energy projects we have learnt that flexibility is key and working together with the other parties involved makes for a smooth operation.

Renewable Technologies to Consider For New Builds

When planning a new build project there is so much to consider it can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in to guide, advise and discuss the various options.

Heating for New Build Properties

A major consideration for any house is how to heat it. There a number of options from traditional fossil fuel oil and gas boilers to more eco-friendly and efficient renewable energy systems.

Renewable heating options include ground source, air source and water source heat pumps, biomass boilers (log, chip, pellet), solar thermal, solar-assisted heat pumps and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery

The latest building regulations are helping to push low energy technologies forward. Many planning applications are now often specifying that renewable energy of some form is installed as part of the conditions. Insulation requirements are also making a huge difference in the amount of heat a property needs. Lots of insulation equals low heat loss which leads to a smaller heat demand and boiler.

Working With You

Whatever stage your project is at we are happy to get involved. We provide an honest, non-salesy approach to providing information and aim to give reliable advice and guidance on the range of options available.

We are happy to carry out site visits, meet with architects and builders or provide quotes from plans. Please get in touch to find out more and discuss your new build renewable project.

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