How Much Are Tesla Roof Tiles?

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles are the next step in Solar PV evolution. 

A Solar roof tile is essentially mini Solar panels that are designed to work exactly like traditional Solar panels except they also blend in with the roof and look like standard roof tiles. 

Solar Tiles

GB-Sol Solar Slate

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla’s release of rooftop Solar tiles allows you to completely cover your home in Solar roof tiles and produce your own energy. You can then store any excess energy that is produced by your roof within the Tesla Powerwall to use later instead of ever having to import energy from the grid. 

Tesla also offer 4 different types of solar roof tile, which are designed to suit the design of your home so you can produce your own energy without losing the beauty of your own home through traditional PV panels. 

These different types of tiles include Textured, Smooth, Tuscan and Slate. Made using tempered glass, the Tesla roof tiles are said to be more than 3 times stronger than the average roof tile. 

Tesla is currently only asking for a £100 deposit to reserve your Solar Roof. When you will actually receive the order is unknown at time of press! 

They are so confident in the strength and durability of these tiles that they also give an unlimited warrantee. They demonstrate this strength by showing a video of the tiles being compared to standard tiles being hit by a hail stone travelling at 160 mph. 

There is also the option to customise the amount of energy produced by the Solar Roof, being able to fit your energy needs. 

The idea of Tesla’s Solar Roof is to combine solar tiles and normal tiles without compromising the look, making it hard to notice the difference from street level.

Being able to reap the benefits of Solar technology whilst keeping your house remaining the same is a major benefit to some people, so are there any negatives? 

Tesla Solar Roof Tile

Tesla Solar Roof Tile

Cost Reduction in Tesla’s Solar Roof V3

Based on a 2,000 square-foot roof, the price of the Tesla Solar Roof V3 starts at $34,000, roughly £30,000 based on today’s exchange rate. This includes installation and Powerwall, making it 36% cheaper with the new solar tiles. Whilst it is still an expensive product, it does compete with other new premium roofs.

While it may set you back quite a bit initially? These Solar Roofs clearly pay for themselves in the long run. Is it time to consider investing?

Alternative Options

Despite this, Tesla is not the only company offering solar tiles, with companies such as GB-Sol already having a similar product on the market.

However, the Solar PV tiles that are on offer are not designed to cover the entirety of the roof and only cover what section of the roof is needed to power the building.

This means that the price of the installation is usually cheaper than that of the Tesla solar roof, however as some of the roof isn’t covered in the solar slates meaning the element of a hidden panel is lost due to a slight difference in colour.

Example Pricing of GB Sol’s Solar Slate Vs Traditional PV: 

Solar Slate Vs

With the cost of Solar tiles being a couple of thousand extra depending on the system size, it’s definitely something that needs to be considered. Do the benefits of using “invisible” technology really justify the price tag?


What’s your view on Solar Slates? Will you be trying to get your hands on some of these revolutionary tiles?

We love seeing new advances in technology here at The Greener Group, and we’re personally excited to see where this leads. Could we see an increase in the amount of Solar technology being installed?

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