Solar Thermal Servicing – Safeguard your installation!

Servicing our household appliances is something that comes second nature to most of us – we want to look after products which are often expensive, and ensure they’re working efficiently and safely. So why should that level of care extend only to your gas boiler or tumble dryer?

Solar thermal hot water systems are a constantly running appliance in your phone, and something that you can come to heavily rely on. The working parts and fluid within the tubes can feel the wear and tear of usage and age, which can ultimately pull down the efficiency of the system.

What gets checked during a service?

The main components your installer will concentrate on are the controllers, antifreeze (glycol) and pump as these are the most likely things in need of a bit of TLC. Controllers and pumps can sometimes fail – albeit rarely – but thankfully are reasonably inexpensive and simple to replace. The antifreeze within the system will degrade over time and need replacing – this can be every year, or every two depending on the use of the system.

By keeping a check on the pressure in your system, this could give you an idea of your overall system health. Ordinarily, a system should perform between 1 and 2 bar of pressure – this can drop to 0.5 bar in cold spells as the fluid contracts, and can sometimes reach as high as 3 or 4 bar. This kind of fluctuation is nothing to worry about, but if your system stays below 0.5 bar, you should call an installer to inspect.

Who can service my system?

There are some things you can keep a check on yourself between services – leaks, although uncommon, can happen and will need to be fixed. By regularly checking your pipework and pump system for any leaks (have a sniff round too – the antifreeze smells quite strong), you can avoid losing large amounts of system fluid, and the pressure drops that come with it.

If you pump is running but the solar pipework is cold, then this can signal an air lock in the system, which an experienced installer will be able to work out in no time!

For peace of mind, we recommend that for any works and checks you can’t perform yourself, you get an accredited installer out to do it for you. You can rest assured that this accreditation holds real weight in the renewable sector and ensures that you’re getting an experienced and knowledgeable service.

The Greener Group have over 6 years of experience and a dedicated servicing team, ready to check your system. Contact us today!