Solar PV Equity Release

Installing solar panels on your roof was a great idea, but why wait years to release the value of your investment? Have you considered solar PV equity release?

Solar Equity Release Solar equity release or solar buy back is a method for solar PV system owners to receive a financial lump sum now for their future feed in tariff. Simply put solar PV system owners can sell their feed in tariff. This scheme is on offer to both residential and commercial clients. The higher your Feed-in-Tariff rate the large the lump sum on offer. So if you had your PV system installed in the early days of the FiT then you could be sitting on a large cash lump sum. The great thing about the solar buy back offer is that you don’t actually sell your PV system or even lease it. The only thing you are selling is your feed in tariff. This means the system owner still gets to benefit from the free solar energy generated for the lifetime of the system. 3 steps to release the equity in your PV So why not release the equity in your solar PV system today and receive alump sum payment in 14 days time!

Benefits of selling your Feed In Tariff

• Release the investment in your    Solar PV system, residential or commerial. • Earn between up to £20’000* paid in 14 days • Cash lump sum paid in one go directly to your bank account. • In partnership with a number or Investors to get you the best price. • The energy generated is still used in the property like before! • The system is now maintenance free, with any issues or breakdowns sorted by the buyer of the feed in tariff. • If you are moving home, why not cash out on your original investment before you move? • With Christmas coming you could buy the presents you have dreamed of or book that winter get away to the sun! For more information or to discuss how we can organise the release of your equity please contact one of the team.

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