Solar Parks in the UK

Did you know there are 600+ large scale solar parks in the UK? Not only that, the same amount have planning permission and are just waiting to be built!

What is so attractive about solar parks and farms?

Many companies and home owners often find they have excess land that they are looking to put to better use. The land could be leftover from agricultural use, or a space that was never developed. One avenue a number of people are taking is installing ground mounted solar systems to generate revenue through the government incentive schemes.

Systems can be on a small or large scale, if space allows – 5 acres of land can generate up to 1megawatt of green electricity!

Ground mount solar arrays are one of the most efficient types of installation and can be tailored to the land they are being mounted on. With a choice of mounting frames, tilt and orientation options, generation can be maximised to the full potential of the area.

Popularity in the UK

When you map out the parks in the UK, there is a concentration of installations in the south west. 

This could be down to the fact that the further south you get, the more sunshine there is and so therefore the higher the generation and return. Positive spin on large scale renewable projects could also be a key factor, as local councils and organisations start branching into selling ‘shares’ for each park they create. Including the local communities and offering them incentives can certainly help to ease objections that often arise from large scale parks, such as wind.

Unfortunately, there will always be objection for large scale projects, for a number of reasons.

In regards to renewable farms, solar and wind technologies are often the first choice. Wind can often be met with objects to the alteration of views and landscapes, and sometimes even noise. Solar is more adaptable to the surroundings and can be shielded from view with hedgerows. As popularity increases, we may see objections decrease as communities become more educated on the benefits – or start benefiting from the systems directly through community schemes.


It’s clear to see why their popularity is surging and hopefully we can see further parks being constructed on the way to becoming a more carbon neutral nation.