Solar Carports And Canopies

Offer Your Customers Shelter and Power Your Business

Due to the increased popularity of solar PV systems, space can often become a premium in the process of becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only could an existing roof not qualify for solar – for example, due to the wrong orientation – but the investor may be looking for more direct benefits from a system.

For anyone with the available space, solar carports are constructions usually erected over a car park area – and they are set to become more popular.

The chosen tilt and orientation of the canopy mimics that of a building roof and helps maximise generation. You can then receive payments from the feed-in tariff – provided by the government – whilst seeing savings on your bills. This financial incentive is paid out over a twenty year period and will cover the cost of installation before making a profit.

Benefits of carports include:

  • Reduced CO² emissions and lower energy bills; this is a plus for anyone who has current CSR targets to meet
  • Protection from the elements; employees can park their car in the shade on very hot days and remain sheltered on the walk into work
  • Gateway to further renewable investment; couple your solar carport with electrical vehicle charging to discover further benefits through lower tax bills and fuel consumption.

Alongside the financial benefits come a modernised look for a once dull stretch of land, further advertising your green credentials. Overall, carports offer alternative forms of revenue and the opportunity to reduce your carbon emissions, on large or small scales. The Greener Group can offer specialist support to ensure you get the most out of your system. Contact us today to arrange a free site visit and no obligation quote.