Possible backtrack to EPC changes?

It seems that Brexit is not only affecting the price of our much beloved chocolate bars, but is causing a stir with statutes and an uncertain future for our previously reported on commercial EPC changes.

Rumours have begun to circulate that the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) may never see any proposed changes, due to our departure from the European Union – and the avoidance of ‘EU red tape’. Under proposed changes, it would become unlawful for anyone with a property portfolio (residential or commercial) to let or lease their building if it does not meet an ‘E’ or above rating.

In a strict government crack-down to enforce the scheme, those in breach of the requirements could face a fine of up to £150,000 – so it’s not a possibility to dismiss lightly!

Although there has been no confirmation either way of which path the statute will take, due to government pressure on the Big Six energy companies’ ever-increasing costs, it’s still something that would benefit being considered.

In times of uncertainty, such as these, it is worthwhile beginning to research the options available to begin your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating improvements.

Starting with simple (and cheap solutions) will not only be beneficial, should the statute suddenly be actioned, but will also be financially rewarding in the long run. Adding this level of investment to your property could mean your energy bills (and those of your tenants) decrease, and you avoid the constant surge in prices set out by the energy giants.

It may be worth holding back on pricier endeavours, but getting in the know about what is available and how quickly you can do it will put you in great stead for any sudden changes in your requirement as a landlord.

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