Guaranteed Independent Warranty Association

Guaranteed Independent Warranty Association keeps our customers safe

As many of you will have heard, two different solar companies have gone into administration within a day of each other (article).

Two of the UK’s leading clean energy companies have gone into administration on the same day, blaming the Government’s U-turn on energy policy.

Nearly 1,000 staff were laid off in Leicester yesterday as home insulation and solar panel provider, Mark Group, fell into administration.

Within hours Climate Energy, which describes itself as “the UK’s largest provider of energy efficiency solutions” had also closed down, announcing the news on their website.

The Greener Group wants to reassure each and every one of our customers, both past and present. So we would to like to remind you that all of our installations are backed by a reputable guaranteed independent warranty. Our guaranteed independent warranty is by IWA. This means that in the unlikely event that The Greener Group should go under, your system will still be guaranteed under warranty. IWA is the most trusted Deposit & Guarantee protection in the UK

Safeguarding customers’ interests since 1985, we’ve built up an outstanding reputation for trust, honesty and support, whilst raising the bar for standards within our industry. We protect our customers’ investments and properties by accrediting only carefully selected professional trades people with a proven history of delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

We want all of our customers to feel confident in choosing The Greener Group to install your renewable energy system, so please contact us if you would like more information on how we can keep your installation secure as the market changes.

The Greener Group are renewable energy specialists. Founded in November 2009 by a group of young entrepreneurs who saw the chance to make an impact in the fledgling renewable energy market. They had a vision of building a company which could offer a range of environmentally friendly technologies, products and services whilst helping customers to secure their energy future. Read more about us here.

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