Electric Vehicles – £40m to reduce emissions

Milton Keynes has become the first in a wave of plans to reduce emissions and invest in electric vehicles.

The Go Ultra Low cities scheme is using £40million of government funding to benefit users in Bristol, London, Nottingham and Milton Keynes. Vehicles producing less than 75g of CO² per kilometre and able to cover ten miles in pure-electric mode will be eligible for the new Green Parking Permit. 

This permit gives the user access to 15,000 free parking spaces – and could soon give access to bus lanes. Alongside these new developments, the areas will see an increase in the number of charge points available. These will be in residential areas, supermarkets, hotels and leisure facilities.

How can you benefit from electric vehicles?

Although this scheme is not yet nationwide, it’s an encouraging step towards incentivising the use of electric vehicles and making it beneficial for everyday users. With the rising cost of fuel, finding an alternative to power your journey could soon be a necessity. Public charge points are becoming more wide spread, offering short/long term charging for a fee which is considerably less than filling your tank. But, did you know it’s easy to charge your vehicle at home?

An easily installed socket – in an accessible place like your garage – can provide clean, green energy to your vehicle. You can even get a grant to help with the set-up costs involved! The Electric Vehicle Home Charge Grant will cover 75% of the installation, capped at £500 inc VAT. 

The variety of charge points available ensure that you can find the one to suit you. Whether you have a specific car, or want to be able to charge it rapidly (that’s about half an hour!), the range is extensive.

If you’d like some guidance on charging before buying your vehicle, please contact us today.