‘Eco Village’ to be Powered by Biomass

Plans are currently under review in the village of Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire to build 33 eco homes heated by one biomass system. The project, which will be funded by a family who live in the village, is costing an estimated £6.6million. The new houses will replace a farm site and integrated into the existing village, taking around 5 years to be completed.

How does biomass benefit the site?

The large scale central biomass will provide heat and hot water to the new build houses – which will be built alongside an organic farm project. So how does this stack up against other methods of heating your house?

Biomass is a great alternative to heating, especially when you’re currently using LPG or oil based heating systems. These are more common in rural areas.

Through the burning of responsibly sourced wood logs, pellets or chips the system can provide space and water heating whilst earning you money. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a government incentive scheme for the technology – pays you for the heat you generate. Who doesn’t want to get paid to keep cosy in the winter?

Not only will the original investors benefit from this tariff, but the tenants of the village will see lower energy bills.

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