Charity Spotlight: Friends of the Earth

As a renewable energy company, we are conscious of our everyday impact on our environment and do our best minimise our carbon footprint. As responsible human beings, we want to give something back and tackle problems that can affect us – and many more generations to come.

Five of our TGG team will be pledging their time to raise money for our chosen charity, Friends of the Earth, by taking part in an organised bike ride. Bike Chester is a day of marked rides taking in the scenery from Chester and the surrounding areas, and our team will be cycling a whopping 25 miles in aid of our cause.

Did you know that if you rode your bike to work rather than driving, you can cut your household emissions by at least 6%? Something to keep in mind the next time you jump in your car to drive down the road!

So, who are Friends of the Earth?

FOE have three main principles they stand for;
    • A beautiful world – we depend on the planet so let’s keep in in good shape
    • A good life – a healthy planet is one that works for people too
    • A positive relationship with the environment – acting together for the plant and everyone who lives on it
Through of a network of 200 local groups, in more than 75 countries around the world, Friends of the Earth campaign for solutions to worldwide, national and local environmental problems. Their first ever action involved dumping 1,500 non-returnable bottles outside Schweppes London headquarters – and they’ve branched out extensively to cover the issues people are most concerned about.

Their current campaigns include ‘The Bee Cause’ – a strategy to help protect bees and their habitats – and an ongoing battle against fracking in the UK, working to help protect areas like Sherwood Forest from the practice.

TGG are passionate about maintaining our bustling planet for our children and grandchildren for generations to come, so it’s important that such groups can operate.

Please take a moment to read through our JustGiving page, and cheer on our team at Bike Chester on Sunday 11th June – they’re really going to need it!