Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

Unfortunately the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is no longer available and the offer is now over.

Receive up to £5,000 free from the Carbon Trust towards a renewable or low energy project!

Most small to medium enterprises have a range of energy costs which the just pays. Machinery, processes and staff need light, heat and energy and that’s that. Get the bill, pay the bill, right? Wrong!

We understand that company’s often shop around for cheaper electricity, gas and oil or use a broker to get the best deal for them. However, that is where the quest to reduce costs often ends. Once you’ve got the best price for the next 3 years there’s nothing more you can do apart from stump up the cash and pay the bills.

That’s where The Greener Group come in. As Carbon Trust accredited Green Business Fund installers we work with businesses to establish how they can actually reduce the energy they consume. The goal of a renewable energy system is to make system owners make lifetime savings regardless of what deal the energy companies are offering. By conducting a free energy assessment we can establish what type of technology would be suitable, what savings could be made and what return on investment could be achieved.

The energy efficient systems we design and install all require a capital investment at the start. We understand can often be a barrier to securing your long term energy future. To help overcome this obstacle the Carbon Trust launched the Green Business Fund. It provides financial support to SME’s in the form of a grant to help fund the supply and installation of low carbon and renewable energy technologies.

The type of technologies The Greener Group supplies and the Carbon Trust supports include:

  • – Solar PV
  • – Solar Thermal
  • – Air Source Heat Pumps
  • – Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • – Biomass Boilers
  • – LED Lighting
  • – Battery Storage

What Is The Carbon Trust?

The Carbon Trust is a private body that helps companies and organisations reduce their carbon emissions and become more resource efficient.

Established in 2001, the company has saved over £5.5bn for its customers (as of December 2014) and operate in multiple countries over the world, including the UK, China, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, India and the United States. Within the United Kingdom, The Green Business Fund is only available in England, Wales and Scotland.

Through The Carbon Trust, organisations across the world have introduced £1.6bn worth of energy efficient equipment into their businesses leading to a £5.5bn reduction in energy costs.

The Green Business Fund

The Green Business Fund was created in April 2016 and offers a range of services for SMEs in the UK, including a capital contribution towards the installation of energy efficient equipment.

The fund offers a contribution of up to 15% (capped at £5,000) for projects over £2,500 and has an accredited list of installers which have been vetted by The Carbon Trust themselves. You can find The Greener Group on The Green Business Directory.

In order to receive this contribution, you need to replace equipment you already use with equipment that is energy efficient, and where the savings can be shown and defined. For a project that provides energy savings with a return of over 5 years, The Green Business Fund would provide the relevant contribution on the first 5 years’ worth of energy savings. Applications for the capital contribution have to be approved before you purchase and install your energy saving equipment, so make sure you ask your installer how to proceed before you start the works.


In order to be eligible for the Green Business Fund, you must be either:

  • • SMEs (Small / Medium Businesses)
  • • School
  • • Sole Trader
  • • Charity

Dependent on the installer you choose for your project, a variety of technologies are covered by the scheme. The Greener Group are accredited by The Carbon Trust to provide installations and funding assistance for solar photovoltaics (PV), heat pumps and biomass.

How Do I Apply?

Once you have identified and chosen the energy saving equipment and supplier, you can then apply for the funding. You can apply for the Green Business Fund by downloading an application form and registering online.

If you’re thinking of applying for the Green Business Fund, take a look here for more information on the application process.

In addition to the up-front contribution, The Carbon Trust also provides interest free loans to SME’s in WALES, adding an extra boost to your project finances if you are fortunate to be based there.

Successful Applications

We have managed to secure the Carbon Trust Grant for a range of customers. Two grants of £10k were secured for fruit farmers who swapped old oil boilers for wood chip biomass boilers. We also helped a transport company in Deeside secure a grant and interest free loan for a 50kW PV system.

If you would like to know more, would like to discuss a project or need assistance in applying please contact one of the team.