SolarEdge systems – how can they benefit you?

A variety of inverter options are available for solar PV installations, although many can benefit from a SolarEdge addition. For example, yout roof space may be affected by shading or you may need to split a system over two roofs.

The process is simple and only requires a few extra components, whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading.

Power optimisers are attached to each panel, which then report data to the inverter and track the panel efficiency. The generation is then used to form a picture of the performance on the online monitoring portal.

SolarEdge Monitoring Portal

The portal provides a breakdown of the current power of your system in a series of easy to read graphs – discover your total energy generation for the day, month and lifetime of the system. You can even monitor individual output from each panel, helping to spot irregularities fast. Thankfully, any panels producing less than expected will be investigate by dedicated support teams to resolve the problem.

Want to tailor the portal to your needs? Not a problem – additional features such as a revenue calculator give an estimate of your feed-in tariff payments. You can even replicate the layout of your panels on the portal, for improved accuracy.

Battery Storage

Battery storage for both retrofit and new installations are now available – the StorEdge system is designed for home owners to boost their usage and it’s really easy to upgrade your current installation. Coupled with the Tesla Powerwall, compare your generation vs. consumption and get the most out of your green energy.

But will this affect your feed-in tariff payments? Not at all. Payments from the scheme are based upon your generation, so even if you were to use all the electricity – you’ll still get paid!

For further information on how you can benefit from a SolarEdge system, contact us today.