Top Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers

As a trusted installer of renewable technologies, we regularly come across lots of different products, brand names and manufacturers. With continuous advances in renewable energy technology and an increasingly competitive and lucrative sector, knowing who to believe can make the decision process difficult.

One of the most popular options for renewable tech that we install are air source heat pumps (ASHP’s), and they’re one of our favourites too. As well as being compact and very efficient, you can also earn back money through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

To give you a little bit more information about the kinds of ASHPs we have worked with over the years, we’ve listed some of the top ASHP manufacturers around and talked a little bit about some of their best products.



Hitachi are a company well known for providing a range of different innovative technologies, and this includes a range of air source heat pumps.

Their line of ASHPs are called Yutaki, and they offer a range of different products that vary in size and capability.

The Yutaki-M is a compact, space-saving system that is located outside and comes with a wireless remote control to adjust temperatures. Its screed drying function makes it an ideal option for new build properties.

The Yuktaki-S system is a split system that has both outdoor and indoor units, with optional auxiliary heating fitting also available. This system can generate hot water up to 60°C and is suitable for heating the likes of swimming pools.

The Yukati-S80 is a split air to water system that consists of an outdoor and indoor unit that can be used with the existing boiler. This system is an ideal self-self-contained heating and hot water solution, with the ability to generate hot water up to 80°C and being 5 times more efficient than traditional heating solutions.

Each one of their ASHPs comes with a “one-touch holiday button” as well, being able to keep your home at a certain temperature when you’re away.

Hitachi is currently our go-to manufacturer based on the fact that we (as accredited installers) can offer a 7-year parts and labour warranty, their products provide more kW output than some main competitors and they are well priced.

Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric


One of the most well-known and respected brands in the ASHP market, Mistubishi’s range is known as Ecodan, and can also be suitable for small retail outlets and commercial buildings as well as domestic properties.

One of their best options is the new Ecodan PUHZ Monobloc Ultra Quiet system, which is a compact single fan outdoor unit that as you probably guessed, has a focus on creating low noise levels. It was designed to specifically meet domestic development standards and uses advanced technology to deliver a high level of efficiency.

Another example of innovation is their Ecodan Coastal Protection Models, which are “designed to protect against the corrosive effects of environments that are in close proximity to the sea”. This is perfect for anyone living close to the water that wants to generate their own heating.

It’s not hard to see why Mitsubishi Electric are considered one of the biggest ASHP manufacturers in the world, and they are always a trusted option with The Greener Group.

Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump



Samsung may be known for producing high tech smartphones, but they have also have an established renewable energy arm of their business. Like most ASHP manufacturers the ASHP’s are an extension and redevelopment of their Air Con products.

The Samsung Eco Heating System (EHS) is the name for their brand of renewable technology, and they offer multiple different ASHP options. One of the more popular options is the EHS TDM unit, being known for it’s high efficiency and speedy heating process.

This outdoor system is coined as the “Perfect All-in-One System”. The Samsung system can come supplied with a pre-plumbed DHW cylinder or even a fast connect board.

In their own words. Samsung “use efficient heat pump technology to deliver supreme comfort and low operating costs”, and are one of the most popular choices for heat pumps that we install.

Samsung ASHP



Dimplex have been providing electric heating solutions for nearly 70 years now, and are offer an impressive range of renewable technologies.

Their LATU range of ASHPs are able to meet huge heat loads, making them perfect for commercial properties. Being able to heat 17kW to 45kW with a single unit is impressive, and the high efficiency design has been proven to reduce running costs.

The LA35TUR system has a naturally quiet operation thanks to the electronically controlled fan and sound-proofed housing, and the integrated regulation allows heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Dimplex clearly has the experience and knowledge needed to create some very efficient heating options, and are definitely not a bad choice when buying ASHPs.

Dimplex ASHP

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch are mostly known for providing gas and oil boilers and hot water cylinders across the country, but they have also moved into renewable heating systems as well.

Their Greensource air to air heat pumps are purposefully designed with the UK climate in mind, being able to heat up an area of 100m2 in a well-insulated home and can work as a cooler in the summer.

Each heat pump makes use of air purification, which makes it ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies, and it’s neat and compact design makes it easy on the eye. It also comes with remote control access, allowing complete flexibility to run the system however you want.

Worcester Bosch Heat Pump


And that’s our list! As you can see, there is no shortage of companies that are producing some fantastic renewable heating systems, innovating and changing the game up all the time.

We love seeing new advances in renewable tech, and love installing them even more!

If you’d like to learn more about Air Source Heat Pumps or want to enquire about an installation, get in touch with The Greener Group today.