Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Solar Assisted Heat Pump (Thermodynamic)

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (Also Known as Thermodynamics) Consist of an Aluminium Panel Which Is Installed on a Wall or Roof.

How to Solar assisted heat pumps work?

Using The Latent Heat In The Air Combined With Solar Radiation, the panel absorbs heat from the atmosphere and refrigerant fluid transforms into a gas. It moves to the thermodynamic unit which compresses it into hot fluid again, before going through a heat exchanger to heat water in a hot water cylinder. The fluid then passes through a valve into the box where it returns to the outside collector, ready to begin the whole operation again.


They work primarily by taking latent heat from the air. However, they also benefit from direct sunlight which will improve the efficiency of the panel.

The thermodynamic system can provide domestic hot water and also space heating. If space heating is required.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps work like ‘a fridge in reverse’. The refrigerant liquid circulates within the thermodynamic panel that is fixed to an external wall. The panel acts as an evaporator, absorbing energy from the ambient air and environmental energies. This is passed to the refrigerant (R134a) which changes the state to a gas. This gas is compressed creating very hot gas in the heat exchanger and this heats the water that is drawn from the hot water flow from the existing water cylinder. The water is returned to the cylinder via a ‘T’ into the cold supply pipe to create a full cylinder of hot water up to a temperature of 55oC. This works day and night providing hot water at very low running costs.

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