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Integrating Cost-Effective Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are revolutionising the UK heating market, and offering savings and returns!

Air Source Heat Pump Ground Source Heat Pump Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to provide a low-cost heating system whilst doing their part for the environment.

Heat Pumps are an ideal heating solution for a range of properties; from flats and small houses to large detached houses and commercial properties and provide a low-cost heating system which is supported by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Here at The Greener Group we can fit and install Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps and are specialist heat pump suppliers.  We can discuss the benefits of both systems and recommend the best option for you, get in touch today.

Space heating and hot water account for nearly three-quarters of all energy consumed by the average UK home. Heating your property using a heat pump is now a viable and credible alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based methods and can help you combat rising energy bills.

As experienced heat pump installers, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and highest quality products. Whether you require an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump, our installers have the knowledge and expertise to provide a swift and efficient installation.

Heat Pumps – How Do They Generate Heat?

There are different types of heat pump available, each generating heat in a different way. The basic principle of a heat pump is that it will use the latent heat in the environment and compress and transfer it to water or air.

For example, a Ground Source Heat Pump takes heat radiated from the sun and stored in the ground. On average ground temperatures, one meter below the surface are 10 degrees!

An Air Source Heat Pump uses the latent heat in the air. Even at minus temperatures, there is heat (energy) in the air. Remember absolute zero is minus 273 degrees! Air source heat pumps can work down to minus 20!

For more information on how the different heat pumps work, navigate to the individual product pages.

air-source-heat-pumpAir Source Heat Pump

High Efficiency and Clean – Air Source Heat Pumps


  • Feature 1: A typical MCS accredited Air Source Heat Pump will have a efficiency of around 3.5 to 1.
  • Feature 2: Meaning that it takes 1kW of electrical energy to produce 3.5kW of heat energy offering large savings over conventional fossil fuel and electric heating technologies.
  • Feature 3: An ASHP does not require fuel deliveries.
  • Feature 4: An ASHP requires little ongoing maintenance. An annual service and check up is generally all that’s required.


  • An MCS accredited ASHP installation will be eligible for RHI payments
  • The manufacturers offered by TGG come with 7 year warranties!
  • An ASHP is located outside and cab be housed away from a property.
  • A heat pump can be combined with a fossil fuel boiler to provide a hybrid heating system.
  • ASHP’s provide a lovely constant heat to a property keeping it at he desired temperature.
  • ASHP’s are more intelligent than traditional boilers and provide the heat needed relative to the temperature outside.
  • ASHP’s are complimented very well by a solar PV system.

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High Efficiency & Long-Lasting Ground Source Heat Pumps


  • Feature 1: A Ground Source Heat Pump forms part of an eco-friendly central heating system which uses the radiated solar heat stored below the Earth’s surface.
  • Feature 2: The temperature 1 – 2 metres below the ground is about the same as the average annual air temperature.
  • Feature 3: Heat is collected in ground loops or boreholes and transferred into the property.
  • Feature 4: GSHP’s are capeable of providing hot water up to 55 degrees all year round.


  • MCS accredited GSHP installations are eligible for the RHI and are currently well supported.
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Opt for a renewable energy electricity supplier and be totally green!
  • GSHP systems are very quiet, only the pumps in the unit make any noise!
  • GSHP’s deliver a good degree of comfort all year round.
  • GSHP’s are modular and can be configured to accommodate most heat demand requirements.
  • Using a GSHP can offer savings of 50% over fossil fuels.

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Replace your hot water heating with a Solar Assisted Heat Pump


  • Feature 1: The panel absorbs heat from the atmosphere and refrigerant fluid transforms into a gas.
  • Feature 2: It moves to the thermodynamic unit which compresses it into hot fluid again, before going through a heat exchanger to heat water in in a hot water cylinder.
  • Feature 3: The fluid then passes through a valve into the box where it returns to the outside collector, ready to begin the whole operation again.
  • Feature 4: The fluid then passes through a valve into the box where it returns to the outside collector, ready to begin the whole operation again.


  • Can provide 100% of the property’s hot water requirement.
  • Can reduce hot water heating costs by 50%-70%.
  • Can be mounted on a wall, roof or ground.
  • Works 24 hours per day all year round.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint.
  • Can be installed in a loft space.

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How green are heat pumps? Will I still be using energy from the grid?

Whilst heat pumps do require electricity to operate, for every 1kW of electricity consumed you can expect around 3X the amount in heat to be delivered – of which an estimated
70% will be renewable energy.

As the energy supplied by the grid becomes cleaner, so too will your new heat pump. Or you can install a renewable energy system (such as solar PV) to generate the energy to power your heat pump for a totally green solution.

How much will it cost?

Making any large scale changes to your heating system is going to incure initial costs, but a heat pump will future-proof your property against rising heating prices as well as future government legislation to tackle the effects of climate change.

Where are heat pumps most suitable?

Heat Pumps are ideal for off-gas areas as they only require electricity to operate.

Are they easy to maintain and how long do they last?

Heath pump maintenance is far easier than gas, oil, LPG or biomass – and a professionally maintained system can last for 15 – 20 years.

The Domestic RHI lasts 7 years, which is more than enough time for your system to pay for itself and earn you a profit.

Can I make money from changing to heat pumps from using traditional energy suppliers?

Yes. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) pays you for every unit of heat energy generated by your renewable heating system. This has been designed to help level the playing field between the cost of renewable and fossil fuel systems.

Once you join you stay on the same tariff rate for the next 7 years (only adjusting to bring it in-line with the Retail Price Index).

As of April 2022, the Renewable Heat Incentive has ended – but support is now provided via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which offers vouchers towards the upfront cost of installation.

What is the Domestic RHI?

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) was a UK Government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. Switching to heating systems that use naturally replenished energy can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions. If you joined and complied with the scheme rules, you would receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat the system produces.

But which heat pump is best for me? What is my perfect heat pump?

The two main versions of heat pump installed by The Greener Group are Ground Source and Air Source. There is also a third type of heat pump, the solar assisted (sometimes called a thermodynamic heat pump).

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