Heat Pumps

Integrating Cost-effective Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are revolutionising the UK heating market, and offering savings and returns!

Air Source Heat Pump Ground Source Heat Pump Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to provide a low cost heating system whilst doing their part for the environment.

Heat Pumps are an ideal heating solution for a range of properties; from flats and small houses, to large detached houses and commercial properties and provide a low cost heating system which is supported by the renewable heat incentive.

Space heating and hot water account for nearly three quarters of all energy consumed by the average UK home. Heating your property using a heat pump is now a viable and credible alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based methods and can help you combat rising energy bills.

Heat Pumps – How Do They Generate Heat?

There are different types of heat pump available, each generating heat in a different way. The basic principle of a heat pump is that it will use the latent heat in the environment and compress and transfer it to water or air. 

For example a ground source heat pump takes heat radiated from the sun and stored in the ground. On average ground temperatures one meter below the surface are 10 degrees!

An air source heat pump uses the latent heat in the air. Even at minus temperatures there is heat (energy) in the air. Remember absolute zero is minus 273 degrees! Air source heat pumps can work down to minus 20!

For more information on how the different heat pumps work navigate to the individual product pages.

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