Electric Vehicle Charging

Car & Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Here at The Greener Group, we can install an EV charging point suitable for your needs. Whether you’ve bought your electric car or are just considering it at the moment, it’s important to get an understanding of electric vehicle charging points and methods.

Introduction To Electric Vehicle Charging

If the uptake in ownership of electric vehicles is even half as much as forecasts are predicting then they will be everywhere. Charging an EV will be second nature and juicing up at work, home or whilst shopping will be the norm. Signs of this are already there and businesses are mobilising to offer the service or the product. As are The Greener Group.

EV Charging at Home

The average UK driver only travels 20 miles per day, so a lot of the time you won’t need to use public charging points; home charging will do just fine. There are two ways of doing it: the first is straight from the mains.

Many people choose to charge their electric vehicles – in a garage or driveway- from a domestic socket. Depending on how many volts your domestic power socket’s supply is, charging from the mains in the UK should take 6-9 hours. The easiest thing to do is to plug your car in overnight.

As a short-term or occasional solution, charging from the mains is fine. However, you can charge your car much faster if you install a specially-designed charging point. You can get a government grant of £500 towards a home charging point.

Electric Vehicle Charging