Commercial Solar PV

Bring your business into the future!

Whether it’s to reduce your energy bills, help the environments or gain more customers, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a commercial solar PV system for your business.

Introduction To Commercial Solar PV 

Commercial Solar PV has never made more sense! Whether it’s the rising energy costs or the costs of solar installation having dropped by more than 70% in the last decade, there are plenty of reasons to install a commercial Solar PV system.

Need further convincing? No problem 

Let’s talk about financial gains. Installing a solar PV system not only reduces your electricity costs by providing free, green electricity; they also provide a secure, risk-free, and extremely profitable opportunity for businesses of all sizes, with a Return on Investment (ROI) typically around 13%.

The initial costs of installation can be high but The Greener Group’s averages show that payback periods can be between 4 – 8 years and these tend to be lower for commercial installation. After this payback period, system owners can be expected to see a constant reduction in electricity costs, saving the business money year on year!

Current grid-supplied electricity rates are between 11-20p per kWp, however, solar PV systems electricity costs are set at around 5p per kWh, this offers an immediate ROI by already saving on your energy bills. This set rate also means your business will be less exposed to energy price rises, making financial forecasting a lot easier.


As an added bonus solar panels require very little maintenance. Their reliable design means only an annual or bi-annual service is recommended and with a 20-year performance warranty, your business will continue to receive free electricity for the next 20 years guaranteed.

Improve your environmental impact 

Installing a solar PV system not only reduces your electricity costs but also provides free, green electricity that reduces your carbon footprint and helps your business reach its sustainability goals.

2020 was a year of great growth for green energy and this is expected to continue in 2021, so now is the best time to hop on the trend!

With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, your company’s green credentials are becoming ever more important (A Unilever study reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact). By showing your customers you care about the environment, you can attract customers away from your non-green competitors as many customers are looking for suppliers to prove they are actively reducing their environmental impact.

How much will my system cost?

The pricing of your solar PV system will be affected by many factors, including:

  • Your building- The size of your building, available roof space, roof angle, roof orientation, shade from trees or other buildings and ultimately where you live in the UK will all affect the amount of energy you can generate.
  • Your energy usage- Generally, the more electricity your system can generate, the higher the initial installation costs will be. However, the savings will also be higher in the long run.
  • Your desire for your system- Do you wish to be as energy-efficient as possible? Is the aesthetic of your business most important to you, or do you simply just want the largest system available? Considering your desires will lead to a different choice of system but at The Greener Group, our years of experience mean we can offer you a system that will fit your exact needs.

The Greener Group are no stranger to commercial Solar PV installation, just like the Portsmouth Surgical Solar PV System, whose annual solar PV generation is 270,000kWh which equates to an electricity-saving per year of £40,000 and their Return On Investment is expected to be just 4.5 years. Meaning from year 5 they will be saving £40k on their annual running costs, which ultimately will benefit their bottom line or allow for investment into other things.

Read the full case study and see more of our commercial work here.

Financing Options

Renewable energy isnt only available to businesses with money to invest: there are financial schemes available that will enable your business to install a renewable energy system and start earning a profit once the initial investment is paid off:

  • Salix Finance is a government-funded scheme that provides public sector organisations with interest-free loans for investing in improvements to their energy efficiency. Check out more about Salix Finance.
  • Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term electricity supply agreement between a private funder who will buy the energy you generate at a set price. They will own your solar PV system and will claim subsidy rewards but your business will benefit from producing your own energy.
  • Although the Feed-in Tariff is now closed to a new applicant, for new Solar PV installers, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a great incentive. The SEG is an obligation set by the government for licensed electricity suppliers to offer a tariff and make payments to small scale low carbon generators for their surplus electricity exported to the grid. Learn more about the SEG.

The Greener Group finance option has been specifically designed so that the monthly payments you receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive are equal to or more than the payment required to pay for the finance. Once the finance has been repaid (usually 5-6 years), your business will then save on its energy bills and generate an income for the remainder of the Tariff. We also now offer a 100% Funded Package for commercial businesses, meaning that you can reduce your energy bills at absolutely no risk to your capital.

Why choose The Greener Group

We believe that going above and beyond our clientsexpectations sets us apart from the competition. We are proud of our reputation and work hard to deliver a successful and efficient renewable energy project. We understand that investing in any project is a big decision. Thats why we offer no-nonsense, straightforward information about what you can expect from your new renewable energy system.

Our installations are supported by a 5-year workmanship guarantee to give both customers and suppliers complete peace of mind. This workmanship guarantee is also backed by a GDGC warranty should The Greener Group cease trading you know your installation is covered.


If youd like to read about some of The Greener Groups commercial renewable energy installations, visit our commercial case studies section. Whatever your renewable energy requirement we have a solution that can save you money and give you a good return on your investment. Please contact a member of the commercial team to discuss your project.