Should You Be Considering EV Charge Points For Your Business?

Under Government plans, a ban on selling new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars in the UK will be implemented by 2035, meaning consumers will only be able to purchase electric or hydrogen cars after this ban is introduced.

By February 2019, there were approximately 195,000 EV’s registered in the UK. This number will only increase as the demand for EV’s becomes higher.

In 2019, car manufacturer Volvo has announced that they will only be producing electric or hybrid vehicles.

For businesses, there is an increasing demand to provide EV charge points in order to ensure the change to electric vehicles is a smooth transition.

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is working towards making the UK part of the global forefront of low emission vehicles.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government incentive provided by OLEV which offers a grant to businesses to reduce the cost of installing EV charge points. This will enable businesses to better accommodate staff and visitors.

The grant is a maximum of £500 per charge point, this can be up to 20 sockets per business. This results in around a 75% reduction of the initial cost.

The scheme is available to any business, registered charity or public authority in the UK.

Your business must have off-street parking and to declare that your business requires an EV charging point for infrastructure purposes or to encourage the growing demand for EVs.

EV charge points must be installed by accredited OLEV installers such as Pod-Point. Click the link to receive a personalised quote for your business.

What are the benefits of EV charge points for my business?

  • By installing an EV charging station, you will be supporting the UK’s infrastructure growth.
  • It is a great incentive to encourage staff to consider EVs.
  • If your employees already have an EV, it is a fantastic way for them to charge their car whilst at work. This will become more important as the demand for EVs increases, meaning it may be something employees consider when applying for a job.
  • You can save over £1,000 per year in employee fuel costs per 10,000 miles.
  • As a business, you could actually accumulate more revenue by selling the electricity to the EV driver if the driver is a visitor or guest.
  • EV charge points will be beneficial for customers, clients and visitors if they have had to drive a long distance.
  • You will be demonstrating your support for enabling greener transport.


The pressure to make changes to automobiles will be increasing rapidly over the next decade, and so it is better to start making a change now and reap the benefits that are being offered.

Not only does the WCS offer a great incentive to those businesses that may worry about the upfront cost, but it’s also part of a wider commitment to support the environment.

By offering EV charge points to those who already own an EV, your business will look more attractive to potential employees, clients or visitors. In the long run, it will also encourage others to look into swapping their petrol or diesel car for an EV.

Why not start now and make your business part of the global commitment to fight climate change and to develop new ways of expanding your business incentives?