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Integrating Renewables Into A Renovation Project

£5k available towards heat pumps and solar thermal through the Green Home Grants Scheme! An increasing number of UK homeowners are electing to carry-out renovation projects on their homes rather than moving houses, with people opting for the ‘improve, don’t move’ approach increasing 12% in the last 5 years (Hiscox renovations and extensions report, 2018)….
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What Are The Benefits Of Solar Panel Installation?

With the Feed-in Tariff no longer available, many people are left wondering if it’s worth investing in solar power and if there are many benefits in installing solar panels since the cost can be relatively high. The Feed-in Tariff was a government-funded scheme, the energy consumption could apply for payments from the supplier by generating…
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How Much Are Tesla Roof Tiles?

What are solar roof tiles? How much do they cost? What are the benefits? Your questions and more answered below… Solar Roof Tiles Solar Roof Tiles are the next step in Solar PV evolution. A Solar roof tile is essentially mini Solar panels that are designed to work exactly like traditional Solar panels except they…
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Solar PV – Savings vs. Costs

Short Term Cost Against Long Term Investment. Could Solar PV systems Be The Answer To Pensions? If you had £10,000 to invest, would you place it in a pension or invest in securing power to your home for the future? With annuity rates at an all time low and electricity prices set to skyrocket, the…
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Solar Carports And Canopies

Offer Your Customers Shelter and Power Your Business Due to the increased popularity of solar PV systems, space can often become a premium in the process of becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only could an existing roof not qualify for solar – for example, due to the wrong orientation – but the investor may be looking for more direct…
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Solar Buy Back – Cash In On Your Investment

Do you have £10,000 on your roof? Cash lump sum for your Solar PV system: Your next bright idea!