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The Greener Group install first floating solar

Back in 2014, The Greener Group were the first in the UK to install a Hydrelio floating solar system. This allowed WR Bennett Ltd to turn a large body of unused water into a solar power plant. Due to the success of the project, we have successfully installed another three systems. The Benacre Water Company use…
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Fracking vs. Renewables

Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is a method of extracting gas or liquid from a type of rock called shale deposits. Holes are drilled into the ground and flushed with water, sand and chemicals loosening the rock and releasing gas. What damage can fracking cause? Although interest in using the practice has been increasing, concerns and…
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Electric Vehicles – £40m to reduce emissions

Milton Keynes has become the first in a wave of plans to reduce emissions and invest in electric vehicles. The Go Ultra Low cities scheme is using £40million of government funding to benefit users in Bristol, London, Nottingham and Milton Keynes. Vehicles producing less than 75g of CO² per kilometre and able to cover ten miles…
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SolarEdge systems – how can they benefit you?

A variety of inverter options are available for solar PV installations, although many can benefit from a SolarEdge addition. For example, yout roof space may be affected by shading or you may need to split a system over two roofs. The process is simple and only requires a few extra components, whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading. Power…
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Solar Carports And Canopies

Offer Your Customers Shelter and Power Your Business Due to the increased popularity of solar PV systems, space can often become a premium in the process of becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only could an existing roof not qualify for solar – for example, due to the wrong orientation – but the investor may be looking for more direct…
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G59 Application

Understanding the G59 Micro-generation Standard G59 is an industry standard for generators greater than 16A per phase (typically a 4kW PV system). G59/3 is the latest version of the standard and there have been some welcome changes made. Any request for connection over 16A per phase would require a G59 application to the Distributed Network…
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Chester Business Awards Winners 2014

The Greener Group won ‘The Mersey Forest Green Business Award’ at The Cheshire Business Awards 2014! We all had a great night and we would like to say a big thank you to the organisers of the event as well as our award sponsors The Mersey Forest who do an amazing job maintaining and expanding woodland across…
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The Green Deal Is Cancelled

For anyone looking for info relating to the Green Deal. It was a bit of a flop and has been cancelled by the government. This is an extract from the .gov website. The government has stopped funding the Green Deal Finance Company, which was set up to lend money to Green Deal providers. Find out…
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Amber Rudd Watching the Solar Market

What a none headline this is! Amber Rudd has pledged to continue to watch the solar market which has been hit hard since sweeping cuts made to the industry incentives announced last year,