Pellet Biomass Boiler Installation – Nantwich, Cheshire

Replace Old Boilers

This new 25kW Biomass Boiler from Hargassner replaces the property’s old oil boiler. By converting to biomass our customer is able to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, all whilst saving themselves a considerable amount on the cost of heating their home.

Increased Consumer Power

By switching to a pellet boiler, our customer is able to shop around to buy their pellets and choose exactly where they get them from. This means they can opt for a local supplier and keep their money in the local community, rather than sending it abroad to shareholders as with conventional heating energies. Even though burning biomass pellets results in releasing carbon into the atmosphere, it is classified as a carbon neutral heat source. This is because of something known as the Closed Carbon Cycle.

The system has a payback period of the 5.7 years, meaning the installation will be in profit from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive for 1.3 years. After 7 years our customer will have made £9,348.50 as a result of combined RHI payments and fuel savings.

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