Part L PV Installation – Chester

Part L Energy Efficiency

We recently completed a 750W Solar PV system for AMP Construction for a new build property in Chester. New builds are required to adhere to Part L of the building regulations code for energy efficiency. As such, new properties require certain energy saving measures to be installed. The 750W solar panel system will help this development to meet the required efficiency levels. The property is well insulated, has cavity walls and modern double glazing, all contributing to an efficient new build design.

Enphase Micro Inverters

The kit installed includes Vikram Solar 250W Poly-crystalline solar panels, Enphase micro-inverters and a Schletter mounting kit. The interesting part of this solar installation is the Enphase micro-inverters. Traditionally, the solar panels all connect in series via DC cable and feeding into an inverter in the loft and then into the consumer unit. With micro-inverters they are located behind each solar panel. As the name suggests, the micro-inverters are much smaller than a traditional inverter and sit behind each solar panel on the roof. The DC current from the panels is fed into the micro-inverters and changed to AC current on the spot. From the roof the AC current is sent straight to the consumer unit (via an AC isolator) where it is either used in the property or sent back to the grid. 

Although having three solar panels on a property is better than having no solar panels, we would recommend a larger system for this size of house. It, of course, depends on what you are looking for in terms of power output, kWh’s required, budget and how the energy is going to be used or exported from the site.

We have been working with a range of developers in the North West and North Wales and understand that a 3 panel PV system offers the required energy efficiency improvements required to meet part L building regulations. Some developers will give clients the opportunity to upgrade their PV system to 2kW for example, but this is not always possible at the build stage.

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