Victorian House Renewable Energy Renovation – Liverpool

Getting Started on a Renewable Energy Renovation In Liverpool

The Greener Group were contacted in 2016 by a couple who were looking to undertake a full renovation of an old bedroom property in the Woolton area of Liverpool. A large extension was proposed at the same time as gutting the entire property. Whilst such large alterations were being done they were interested in future proofing the building by installing cost saving renewable energy technologies.

Initial discussions allowed us to run through the project with the client and gain an understanding of their requirements. We then came back with a range of possible options and explained how they could integrate with the proposed development.

Following a couple of site visits to the property and a trips out to see some existing systems the clients had settled on an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) to provide heating and hot water, underfloor heating in the new extension, energy efficient radiators in the existing property and an in roof solar PV system to meet some of the electricity demand.

Renewable Renovation System Specification

The Heating System – A 16kW NIBE ASHP was installed outside the property and provides 100% of the property’s heating and hot water requirements. A 400 litre hot water cylinder was installed in the new utility room along with a 100 litre buffer vessel, control unit and plumbing ancillary items.

The Underfloor Heating (UFH) – UFH was installed throughout the large new extension. Prowarm pipe at 150mm centres allows the heat to radiate efficiently and provide a lovely feeling throughout. The large open plan area is controlled of a wifi enabled Heatmiser Thermostat.

Energy Efficient Radiators – New pipework and radiators were installed throughout the existing property. Following a detailed heat loss assessment radiators were sized to suit. Some rooms required Stelrad K3 triple panel radiators, others K2 double panel. The client also selected stylish chrome towel radiators for the bathrooms.

Family Home Renovation and Refurbishment

The owners of a large period property in Liverpool were undertaking a full renovation and refurbishment of their family home and were interested in an in-roof solar pv system. The property was being gutted, a new roof installed and large extension replacing the original kitchen.

They owners were essentially starting with a blank canvas and were looking at their energy and heating systems as a whole. To supplement their energy requirement from gird imported electricity they opted for a 4kW Solar Photo-voltaic system split across two roofs. As a new roof was being installed it made sense to go for an in-roof system, looks great and reduces the amount of tiles you need!

System Specification

The Solar Panels – 14 JA Solar 285W solar modules were used to achieve a 3.99kW peak system. The panels were split across the South East and South West facing roofs, maximising usable energy throughout the day.

The Inverter – A 3.6kW Solis inverter was installed in the loft of the property. Wifi monitoring and 5 year warranty included as standard

The Mounting Kit – GSE roof integrated mounting kit was installed directly to the battens of the roof. Each solar module has its own water tight mounting panel.

Electrical Installation – The installation also includes an Elster generation meter to record the PV production along with AC and DC isolators.

Working With Us On A Renovation Project

The Greener Group have been installing a suite of renewable energy products since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering one or several technologies for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

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