Moretti Biomass Installation – Silsden, Yorkshire

Heating a holiday home

The client, based in Yorkshire, was looking to replace two aging LPG boilers at his properties. The properties in question were a holiday cottage and the owners house next door. The client had some space available on the land and decided to opt for an external plant room for a 67kW  biomass pellet boiler.

The Plant Room

The biomass plant room was constructed from a 20ft shipping container and installed on the land adjacent to the properties. Inside the plant room, we installed a 67kW pellet boiler, flue and 2000 litre Cordivari buffer tank. The biomass boiler is fed from the pellet store which is also located in the 20ft container.

A Schellinger Pellet Mole, which was installed in the pellet store, is a vacuum pellet feed system. It optimises the fuel store capacity as it does not require any sloped sides, unlike traditional stores. If space is at a premium, the pellet mole is a good option.

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