2 x 400kW Log Boiler Installation – Chester

Using Log Fuel To Heat A Nursery

The site owners were looking to use wood fuel available to them to heat a nursery and retail space. The system would be eligible for the Renewable Heat incentive and would pay for the installation of the system over the coming years.

The owners refurbished an old oil boiler plant room where 2 x 400kW Unical boilers were installed and 3 x 5000 litre buffer tanks.

A number of heat emitters were installed in the form of heat exchange fan blowers and radiators at various locations on the site.

Log Boiler System Specification

The Log Boilers – Two Unical 400kW log boilers were installed in series.They were configured to allow them to operate singly or on their own as demand requires.

The Buffer Tanks – To maximise the burn times of the log boilers 3 x 5000 litre Cordivari buffer vessels were installed.

The Fan Blowers – A range of different size fan blowers has been installed relating to the heat requirements of that building or area. 2 x 100kW were installed in place of same sized gas blowers.

The Heat MeterA Kamstrup 602 heat meter was installed to record the heat generated by the boilers and allow RHI submissions

The Greener Group have been installing commercial biomass boiler installations since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with commercial clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering a commercial biomass boiler system for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

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