4kW In Roof Solar PV Installation on a Renovation Property – Liverpool

Family Home Renovation and Refurbishment

The owners of a large period property in Liverpool were undertaking a full renovation and refurbishment of their family home and were interested in an in-roof solar pv system. The property was being gutted, a new roof installed and large extension replacing the original kitchen.

They owners were essentially starting with a blank canvas and were looking at their energy and heating systems as a whole. To supplement their energy requirement from gird imported electricity they opted for a 4kW Solar Photo-voltaic system split across two roofs. As a new roof was being installed it made sense to go for an in-roof system, looks great and reduces the amount of tiles you need!

System Specification

The Solar Panels – 14 JA Solar 285W solar modules were used to achieve a 3.99kW peak system. The panels were split across the South East and South West facing roofs, maximising usable energy throughout the day.

The Inverter – A 3.6kW Solis inverter was installed in the loft of the property. Wifi monitoring and 5 year warranty included as standard

The Mounting Kit – GSE roof integrated mounting kit was installed directly to the battens of the roof. Each solar module has its own water tight mounting panel.

Electrical Installation – The installation also includes an Elster generation meter to record the PV production along with AC and DC isolators.

Working With Us On A Renovation Project

The Greener Group have been installing solar PV systems since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering a one or several technologies for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

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