Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump – Barrow, Chester

Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump Installation

The Greener Group were approached to provide a renewable energy heating option for a client in Great Barrow near Chester.

The property utilised LPG with a combination boiler in the kitchen and a large bulk storage tank in the garden. The client was looking to move away from LPG to reduce bills and become more eco-friendly. The LPG boiler was over 10 years old and regularly needed repairs or maintenance. The timing was right and the client had heard that a new air source heat pump system would be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Heating System Specification

The Heating System – The existing heating system consisted of an LPG combi boiler with a time clock for control. It was either on or off and could be timed.

The Air Source Heat Pump – A Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump RASM6 was installed to replace the LPG boiler.

The Controls –The Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump controller was installed along with the heat pump.

The Thermostat – A Hive Wifi enabled thermostat was installed to allow the  client to control the heating from anywhere at any time. Different heating profiles could also be programmed.

The Radiators – The house had double panel double convector rads (K2) throughout the property. It is sometimes required to upgrade the radiators if they are single panel or our heatloss calculations determine it is needed. However in this instance the radiators were deemed adequate and have performed well.

Working With Us On A Renovation Project

The Greener Group have been installing a suite of renewable energy products since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering one or several technologies for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

Replacing LPG Boiler With Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump

This project required the removal of the existing LPG boiler and relocation of the heating and hot water services to the other side of the house. The Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump was to be located in the garden remotely from the house and the cylinder and plumbing works in the utility closer to the ASHP.

The Hitachi ASHP RASM6 was a direct replacement for the 20kW LPG boiler. Following our detailed site survey and heat loss calculations it was determined that the RASM6 be a suitable model to provide 100% of the property’s heating and hot water demand down to a temperature of minus six degrees.

The LPG tank and boiler were removed and the heat pump replaced it.

Why Choose Hitachi 

Hitachi are well known for their heavy industry plant and their electronics. They are also big players in the air-c0n and cooling markets. Years of experience and technological understanding has been transferred into their heat pumps.

To back up this claim The Greener Group, as accredited installers, are able to offer a 7 years warranty on parts, and 3 years on parts and labour.

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