25kW Domusa Domestic Biomass Boiler – Kelsall, Chester

“25kW Domusa Biomass Boiler Installation”

“The Greener Group were approached to provide a renewable energy heating option for a period house renovation project in Kelsall, Chester.

Initial discussions allowed us to run through the project with the client and gain an understanding of their requirements. Heat pumps were considered for the project but the size and construction of the building favoured a heat supply at a higher temperatures. The client wanted to keep some of the existing radiators and pipework and install underfloor heating at a later date. We suggested that a 25kW biomass pellet boiler with automated fuel delivery would meet the brief.

Once the boiler type and associated component specification had been agreed a project start date was set and the client prepared the garage/plant room for the installation teams imminent arrival.”

Period House Renovation Heating System Specification

The Heating System – A 25kW Domusa Biomoass Pellet Boiler was installed inside the properties garage and provides 100% of the property’s heating and hot water requirements. A 750 litre buffer tank and 250 litre hot water cylinder were installed along side the boiler. This connected to the existing central heating circuit and provisions were installed to allow for a Underfloor Heating connection at a later date.

Bespoke Pellet Store – Due to the space which was available in the garage the client had a 3 tonne pellet store built. This would allow for blown deliveries of pellets as required. The fuel store is connected to the boiler via a vacuum feed system.

Twin Wall Flue – Five meters of twin wall Nova flue were routed through the (very thick!) stone wall at the rear of the property to take the pellet smoke up and away.

Working With Us On A Renovation Project

The Greener Group have been installing a suite of renewable energy products since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering a one or several technologies for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

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