9KW Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump – Cholmondley

Air Source Heat Pump For A Barn Conversion

The client was looking to update the heating system in a barn conversion. With the full renovation the barn conversion was insulated and specified to a high standard making an air source heat pump an ideal heating solution for the property.

A heat loss calculation was carried out on the property and a 9kW Dimplex ASHP was selected to provide 100% of the properties space and water heating. Underfloor heating was installed throughout the ground floor of the property and low temperature radiators upstairs


The air source heat pump installation is eligible for the renewable heat incentive and would expect to receive around £1500 per year through the government scheme.


The client will benefit from the extremely efficient air source heat pump system which provides efficiencies of between 3 and 4 to 1. By taking the latent heat that is in the air at all times (even at minus temperatures) and compressing it the heat pump is able to provide 3 – 4kW’s of heat energy out.

Heating System Design and Installation

Our experienced team of designers and installers work together to provide the best low energy heating system for your property. Because we offer a range of heating systems we can design the correct system for your property. We understand that each property is different and with our experience we are able to offer the correct technology.

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