250kW Froling Wood Chip Biomass Grain Drying – Birmingham

Grain Producer Goes for Biomass District Heating System

A farm owner in the midlands was looking to simplify the existing heating infrastructure. As with many farms the heating was disjointed, old and inefficient. Various oil boilers were heating different properties with varying degrees of success.

The Greener Group proposed to decommission the oil boilers replace with a biomass district heating system. Five new connections were required including the farm house, office, workshop, store and grain dryer.

Froling Chip Boiler Specification

The Boiler – The boiler installed is a Froling 250TX. A large, robust biomass boiler.

The Water Storage – The boiler supplies a 5000 litre Cordivari steel buffer tank, located in the plant room.

The Pipe Work – Carbon steel pipework used for all internal pipe runs. Microflex Duo per-insulated pipework used for all external pipe runs.

The Heat Meter – Kamstrup Multical 402 heat meter installed in plant room to allow RHI submissions

The Grain Drying – A 200kW heat exchnager with fan blower was installed to supply pre-heated air to the existing oil burner.

Biomass Boiler Installation System Overview

The farm was was interested in reducing heating
costs and taking advantage of the Renewable Heat

The farm consits of farm houses, offices, a workshop and a
corn drying unit. The Greener Group’s design team produced
a district heating system which would provide heat to all the
properties and importantly the corn drying unit.
The client built a woodchip fuel store and plant room in the
corner of an existing barn. It allows chip deliveries directly
into the barn.

As a corn farmer the client was interested in reducing the
large oil costs from the two 600kW corn driers. We proposed
a 200kW fan coil drier which would provide supplementary
heat to the oil burners. The client has been so impressed
with the fan coil he has hardly had to use the oil boilers! A
200kW efficient biomass boiler has all but replaced a 1.2MW
of old, inefficient oil burners!

Working With The Greener Group

The Greener Group have been installing commercial biomass boiler installations since 2010 and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Working with commercial clients to guide and inform, we take a project from design to completion. If you are considering a commercial biomass boiler system for your property please get in touch to discuss the project.

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