200kW District Heating Biomass Pellet Boiler – Surrey

Tuesley Farm replace an LPG boiler with cheaper, greener Biomass.

Tuesley Farm, in Surrey, is one of Hall Hunter Partnership’s largest sites, covering an astonishing 469 acres. The site already has 177kW of solar PV installed on it, providing them with clean, green electrical energy to help grow the fresh berries the farm is known for. This Biomass installation will supply two cottages, the
farmhouse, the swimming pool and underfloor heating with hot water. The new wood chip Biomass boiler replaces an
ageing LPG boiler.

By taking this step not only will HHP reduce their impact on the environment, but will also lower the cost of heating the buildings on the site. HHP also believe that by promoting green technologies,
their farms will possess a USP when compared with the competition.

The Closed Carbon Cycle

Biomass is classified as a carbon-neutral renewable technology. This is because of the ‘Closed Carbon Cycle’.
This means that no more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere than is absorbed by the replacement tree.

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