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An award-winning, MCS accredited company, The Greener Group offers design and installation services for a range of energy technologies. From residential installations to large-scale commercial installations we take a project from concept to completion.

Established in 2009 the company has delivered hundreds of projects and gained a wealth of experience along the way. Now perfectly positioned to help guide new projects The Greener Group are your trusted installation partner.



The Greener Group design, supply, install and maintain a range of energy technologies.

Village Bakery 250kW Solar PV System

North Wales based business Village Bakery looked to a large scale Solar PV system to save money and make a return on investment.

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The Greener Group design, supply, install and maintain a range of heating technologies.

Heat Pumps Are The Future of Heating!

Take advantage of a super efficient heating system!

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Government funding to cover up to two-thirds of the cost of energy-saving home improvements

The Greener Group offers a range of design and installation services of heating and energy systems. We work with both domestic and commercial clients. We started out as Solar PV installers with the launch of the Feed-in Tariff (now ended) and were one of the first group of companies to gain MCS accreditation to install Solar PV back in the summer of 2010. Following that triumph the company quickly realised that there was a whole range of renewable technologies we could offer. Just check out our heat and energy technologies.

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The UK government has encouraged the deployment of renewable energy since the launch of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) in 2010. Now closed, the FiT paid micro-generation owners for generating renewable electricity.

Following the FiT came the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). In a similar vein the RHI pays renewable heat generators across a range of technologies.

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The Greener Group service, maintain and repair a range of renewable energy systems including Solar PV, Thermal, ASHP, GSHP and Biomass Boilers. Like any other type of mechanical or electrical device, a renewable energy system benefits from regular service and maintenance. Each technology has different service schedules but we would recommend at least an annual service to keep your system running smoothly.

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10 Years and Counting!

Since the inception of The Greener Group a lot has happened in the UK renewable industry and there have been some amazing highs and difficult lows. We have been through them all and despite regular turbulence within the industry we have been able to ride the waves. Through adversity comes strength and that is how we feel as a team and a company. Over the decade we have learnt a tremendous amount about many aspects of the energy and heating industry, both new tech and traditional and are ideally positioned to pass this knowledge on to our clients.