Solar Thermal Service

solar thermal serviceKeep your solar thermal system operating correctly with regular servicing and maintenance.

Getting a solar thermal service can keep your system performing optimally. Having designed, installed, repaired and maintained solar thermal systems over the years we have gained a good understanding of what is required to keep thermal systems operating correctly. Like any mechanical system looking after them correctly will increase both performance and lifespan.

What does a solar thermal service include?

Each solar thermal system can be different and may require a variation of works depending on set up, age of system and components included.

Our standard solar thermal servicing follows a checklist to ensure that the system is performing correctly. It includes nine checks on the solar circuit and a variety of other electrical checks, checks on the pipe-work and insulation, examinations of the controller’s parameters, wiring and functionality and analysis of the cylinder’s position, controls and potential leaks.

Heat Transfer Fluid Replacement

One of the most important things we check on a thermal service is the quality and consistency of the heat transfer fluid. The quality of the glycol solution will deteriorate over time and will need replacing. If this is the case we will drain down the system and replace with new solution.

We recommend that your thermal system is serviced every one to two years.

Solar Thermal Repair

Like all mechanical devices it is likely that some parts will eventually wear out and require replacing. This can include the main circulation pump, valves, solder work and other aspects of the installation. We are happy to investigate faults and recommend repairs to get the system running again.

The Greener Group offers a bespoke service to each of their renewable energy installations, to ensure that all their clients experience the very best from their systems.

If you would like to discuss a solar thermal repair or service please contact us.