Not only do The Greener Group specialise in renewable energy, but we are on hand when your gas boiler needs attending to. We are fully GasSafe registered and have experience from installation through to maintenance of gas boiler systems – so you’re in safe hands.

Safety is paramount when dealing with gas appliances, so it’s essential you keep up to date with your annual servicing.

What do our packages include?

Our engineers will take you through each step when onsite and provide all the relevant paperwork and safety certificates for your records – we check through the following things;-

  • Control panel
  • Key areas affected by corrosion and leaks
  • Gas pressure
  • Fume safety
  • Seal checks

It’s really important to make sure you get any work on your boiler done by an accredited and experienced GasSafe member – unqualified engineers can put your life in danger.

As us for more information about our gas boiler packages – we’re happy to help.