Renewable Energy Finance

Financing Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Panel Funding Options in Cheshire & Beyond

Renewable energy isn’t only available to businesses with money to invest: there are financial schemes available which will enable your business to install a renewable energy system and start earning a profit once the initial investment is paid off. The finance has been specifically designed so that the monthly payments you receive from the Feed-in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive are equal to or more than the payment required to pay for the finance. Once the finance has been repaid (usually 5-6 years), your business will then save on its energy bills and generate an income for the remainder of the Tariff.  For more information, read our Renewable Energy Financing page.

We now offer a 100% Funded Package for commercial businesses, meaning that you can reduce your energy bills at absolutely no risk to your capital! Get in touch to find out more.


  • Retains liquidity in your business
  • Fast and quick turnaround of loan/lease offers
  • Competitive rates
  • You can afford to do extra energy efficiency projects, either now or during the lease term, because you have spread your costs
  • Payback linked to investment return

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

If borrowing money to finance a renewable energy installation is right for you then there is an alternative. A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA. This is where a third party would supply the generating technology, such as a solar PV system. The technology owner would then sell the electricity back to the site owner at a reduced rate. For example a site owner would be paying 12p/kW for electricity imported from the grid. Through a PPA the technology owner would sell it to the site owner for 8p/kw instead of 12p/kw offering a saving of 33%. Any one with high energy use would be happy to make a saving of 33%!

The technology owner would also keep any tariff or export payments and also be 100% responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the system.

If you would like more information about a renewable energy or finance package please contact one of the team.