Underfloor Heating Systems in Cheshire

What better feeling than stepping out of bed on a cool winter morning and avoiding the shock of chilly toes…

…all because of your new under floor heating system. Let us help you decide what heating system will work best for your needs.

Types of UFH

The size of your house or how often you use your heating will determine which type of under floor heating system will work best for you. You should also take into account the energy efficiency of your home and the current insulation installed both in the floor and the walls. There are two types of under floor heating systems to choose from;

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Electric Powered – ‘dry systems’

  • For small and awkward spaces (perhaps bathrooms or oddly shaped bedrooms) loose fit wiring is the best application – for larger rooms (such as lounges and master bedrooms) then electric cable systems or heat mats are best suited.
  • When considering the costs, it is important to take into account what is required for the job – a basic package will consist of the heating kit (p/m²), insulation boards, screed (which is a concrete layer to level out the floor) and heating controls, as well as The Greener Group’s fitting costs
  • Overall, electric powered systems are cheaper to install but more expensive to run and wouldn’t be recommended for larger areas

Hot Water Powered – ‘wet systems’

  • This system is powered into your boiler heating system and provides heat by circulating hot water throughout a series of pipes installed underneath your floor
  • Because the water is evenly distributed compared to traditional radiator use, the system can work as a lower temperature and therefore can work more efficiently
  • When considering the costs, it is worthwhile remembering that a wet system is more complication to install and you should take in factors such as whether the room you want to heat is on the top floor, or close to your boiler heating system.

How to make your installation work for you?

The Greener Group understand that starting a large scale project such as a hot water under floor heating system can be daunting – but be assured that we are fully trained and experience and will ensure that you are getting the most possible out of your system, whether this be energy savings, the right heat output or even further financial incentives.

Did you know you could couple your UFH wet system with a biomass boiler, and not only save money but earn it, through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)? Through the burning of wooden pellets, you could be eligible to receive a tariff from the Government, whilst heating your home and hot water – this can also be used with your UFH system, cutting overall costs (especially if you’re using LPG or oil) and helping you become more energy efficient.

How about using your own generated electricity to power your electric UFH system, and earn money from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) Government scheme? A standard 4kw domestic system can generate around 3,500kWh a year (dependant on area), which could all go towards the use of your under floor heating system – The Greener Group would be happy to come and assess whether this application would be suitable to your heating use patterns.