Solar Panel Cleaning enhances the performance of the solar array and protects the investment of your green solution.

We strongly recommend solar panel cleaning to feature as part of a regular maintenance package for your solar panel installation.

solar panel cleaningDepending on the level of soiling on the panels performance improvement of between 10% and 30% can be expected.  Dirt and grime on your solar panels can reduce your return on investment.

The performance of solar panels is affected by shading and even a small portion of a cell being shaded can cause the output to fall throughout the whole array. Shading can occur from thin layers of dust which is not always visible from the ground. Sunlight can be absorbed by the impurities such as dust on the surface of the panels.

Google research has even suggested that the output of flat mounted solar panels was increased by almost 100% when they were cleaned after 15 months. (source:

Durability, quality and output depend on the cleanliness of the solar panels.  The more sunlight that can access the solar panels, the better they perform!  Panels can easily become visibly dirty due to bird droppings, soiling or lichen growth or less obviously dirty due to dust accumulation. The geographical location can also dictate the type of dirt and how often they need to be cleaned, for example salt from seaside locations or grime and grit from busy roads or railways.

Regardless of the cause, ensuring regular solar panel cleaning is a basic, yet important part of maintaining a solar array which can optimise the lifetime performance of the system.

With over 7 years in the industry The Greener Group not only recognises the impact of solar panel cleaning, but understands that it is not just as simple as adding soap and water.  Tap water can leave salt and mineral deposits on the panels which could continue to impair the generation of power.  The Greener Group can provide the right solar panel cleaning solution using a combination of purified water and soft bristled brushes to protect your investment.  Make sure that solar panel cleaning features as part of your annual maintenance package.

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