Solar PV Panels Installation

Systems For Home & Business

Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your home or business can significantly lower your energy costs, provide a great return on investment and secure your energy future.

Reducing Your Energy Costs

A solar PV system works by converting the sun’s energy into electricity, which can then distributed throughout a chosen building to avoid or reduce import from the National Grid. During the day whilst systems are actively generating, often the use of appliances are free of charge, which can significantly reduce energy bills for busy homes and businesses.

How much energy you generate will depend upon the size of the system you install, which can be determined by the roof/ground space available and the capacity of the local grid. Here at The Greener Group, we have an increasing portfolio of happy customers who have taken the first steps into reducing their energy costs.

edwards-250Solar PV – Income & Investment

Installing a solar PV system not only reduces your electricity costs by providing free, green electricity; it also provides you with a great, safe return on investment (ROI) over the next 20 years through the FIT and energy savings.

The FIT is a government backed incentive scheme, which pays the system owner (individual or business) for every unit of electricity generated whether it’s used within the building or exported to the grid. Not only are you paid a certain tariff for your generation as a total, but half of this figure is paid at an additional tariff, as deemed export (systems under 30kW). You can find up to date information on the current tariffs by visiting the Ofgem website.

The payback period for solar PV systems varies depending on the number of solar panels installed and the amount of electricity used by the property during the day. However our averages show that payback periods can be between 5 – 6 years. After this payback period, system owners can be expected to work on a profit, with the FIT currently being guaranteed for a 20 year period from initial sign up.

In terms of the initial outlay required for solar PV system installations, The Greener Group currently offer a number of financial and funding packages, designed for renewables – which can help you achieve your green objectives.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and CO2 Emissions

It’s common for business and homeowners alike to look for ways to reduce their CO2 emissions ultimately reduces their carbon footprint as a whole – the lower your CO2 emissions, the more energy efficient you are. Solar PV systems can help offset some of the carbon emissions your company or home creates during day to day activities or fossil fuel energy usage. A small 4kW domestic system will save around 1 tonne of carbon per year!

Beware the Big Six

Energy prices are going to increase – an undeniable fact. In the last three years, commercial energy prices have doubled and they will doubtless double again in the not too distant future. By installing a solar PV system, you can safeguard against these price increases and provide some financial stability in the future.

Solar PV Battery Storage

Solar PV battery storage is starting to make an impact on the renewable energy market. By storing surplus energy generated during the day, it can then be used at night or during low light instead of importing from the grid. The idea is that owners of battery storage can become self sufficient and get the most out of their generated electricity. Even better, your FIT payments are not affected.

You’re in Good Hands

If you’re considering looking further into a renewable project of your own, it’s important to work with a trusted and accredited installer. To be able to receive funding and incentives for solar PV, the system should be installed by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited installer. The Greener Group are fully accredited to this and manufacturer standards and have been established since 2009 – so you can rest easy.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you get you commercial solar project moving feel free to contact a member of our friendly team.