Air Source Heat Pump Systems & Installation

An air source heat pump uses the latent heat energy in the air which is compressed and converted into useful heat energy for central heating and hot water.

The reason an air source pump is a good way to heat a property is because they are very efficient. A typical MCS accredited air source heat pump will have a efficiency of around 4 to 1. Meaning that it takes 1kW of electrical energy to produce 4kW of heat energy offering large savings over conventional fossil fuel and electric heating technologies.

The Benefits Of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Lower fuel bills if replacing a traditional fossil fuel boiler
  • Reduce carbon emissions for your home or business
  • Make a return on investment through the Domestic or Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

An ASHP works by taking the latent heat from the outside air, compressing it which converts it to a gas and heats up. This heat is then transferred to the properties heating system and the gas reverts to a liquid. If you would like to learn more about how air source heat pumps operate give one of the heating team a call.

Smasung Air Source Heat Pump

Typical Applications

Air source heat pumps are suitable for a range of commercial and residential properties. They’re often installed at properties that are not on mains gas as a low energy, low carbon alternative to LPG or oil fired boilers. They do not require any fuel and are powered by mains electricity making them ideally suited to a whole range of different properties. Examples include schools, hospitals, care homes, residential homes, new build developments, public sector properties. As long as the design of the heat pump is correct there are many suitable options.

However we understand that certain properties would not suit a heat pump. Large, old properties with poor air tightness would not suit an ASHP and we would recommend a high temperature heating system such as a biomass boiler.

Air Source Heat Pump System Design

The key to a successful ASHP installation is making sure a detailed heat loss calculation is carried out on the property, room by room. There are lots of stories of heat pumps not working correctly and offering poor performance – this is always down to the initial design being incorrect. At the planning stage of an ASHP installation the detailed heat loss calculation will give the designer all the information needed to make sure the system is fit for purpose.

Heat Emitters

Stel Rad K3 Compact Radiator

Stel Rad K3 Compact Radiator

One of the most important parts of air source heat pump system design (and often overlooked) is the heat emitters. Whether that’s radiators or underfloor heating the design and specification of the correct emitters is imperative to the system operating correctly. Because air source heat pumps operate at lower temperatures than  traditional boilers the heat emitters need a larger surface area to dissipate the same amount of heat. In practice this can mean installing double or triple panel radiators or more loops on an underfloor heating circuit.

As part of the room by room heat loss we look at the fabric of a building and calculate the heat loss of the room. Once w have this information we are able to correctly size the heat emitters to make sure they can provide the correct amount of heat during even the coldest days.

There are also a number of smart radiators and fan convector radiators which provide excellent heat output but take up a smaller space in the home. They are a more expensive but include a range of features not found on traditional radiators.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

Both domestic and commercial air source heat pump installations are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This a scheme which offers financial support for the installation of renewable energy technologies. It works by paying the technology owner a pence per kilowatt of renewable heat generated. The tariffs and qualifying rules vary depending on system size and whether it is a domestic installation or commercial installation.

If you would like to find out more about air source heat pumps please get in touch with us, we are happy to help!