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Take Control Of Your Energy With SolarEdge

A forward thinking couple in Alvanley near Frodsham in Cheshire were looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption and protect against rising electricity costs. Having talked through the options available and discussed the pros and cons of different PV systems available they decided that a SolarEdge PV system with JA Smart Modules was the best solution. The installation uses the new SolarEdge HD wave inverter, JA 275 all black mono PV panels with embedded Power Optimisers. Looking to maximise the energy use of this system a SolarEdge Immersion Switch and a Smart Socket were also installed.

solar edge HD wave inverter

Maximising Solar PV Generation Use

Solar panels will generate energy from sunrise to sunset. Unless the property owner is at home all day every day then inevitably sometimes the PV system will be generating electricity when there is no demand. When this is the case the electricity will be sent to the grid and wasted rather than used in the property. The ideal scenario is to use as much PV generated energy as possible and avoid importing from the grid.

Understanding Energy Use

This is where the latest technology from SolarEdge comes into play. The first product to mention is the addition to the monitoring package, the energy meter. SolarEdge have always led the way in terms of monitoring, as standard their system is supplied with free panel level monitoring using their Power Optimisers. However the limitation of this is that it only shows PV generation. The energy meter has the functionality to monitor generation, consumption and export. This gives the user full understanding of how they use energy in their home and how to maximise PV generation use and minimise grid export.

SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge Immersion Controller

Understanding energy use is the first step to taking control of your energy and optimising how it is used. The next step is to make use of any surplus energy instead of sending it to the grid. One product which does this is the SolarEdge Immersion controller. It communicates with the PV system via the energy meter and when there is a surplus of energy generation it will divert it to the immersion heater and increase the temperature of the property’s domestic hot water. The hot water tank is essentially a battery and will store the energy generation as heat.

SolarEdge Smart Socket

Once the immersion tank has reached temperature any surplus energy will be diverted to the grid, so what next? The SolarEdge smart socket allows any appliance with a plug to be connected and in the same way as the immersion controller surplus electricity can be sent to the socket. Ideal for anything which needs charging during the day or is generally on. There is also a hardwired version which could be used for dishwashers or even an air source heat pump.


Battery Backup

Although not installed as part of this system a battery backup would be another obvious way to make the most of energy generation. The SolarEdge system allows for a battery to be easily added at a later date. The customer is going to monitor the system and if there is clearly a surplus of energy a battery will be considered.



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