Using solar power to improve this eco-house overall efficiency

AAnglesey Protfolion eco-home in Anglesey becomes even more efficient thanks to Solar PV.Our client has designed and built their own home, with energy efficiency a top priority that influenced every aspect of construction. This design philosophy has seen the building receiving an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency. The building already has triple glazing, extensive insulation, a biomass boiler and solar thermal water heating.

Solar PV was seen as the next logical step in making the house as  environmentally friendly as possible.The Solar PV system is comprised of 16 x 250W BenQ modules connected to an ABB PVI-3.6 inverter, with 10 panels installed in a traditional on-roof configuration with the remaining 6 utilising a ground-mount system. Inverters allow Solar PV systems to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, this sees the installers of micro-generation technologies being rewarded for every kWh of energy generated.

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