4kW in roof PV
In Roof PV Systems Reduce the Amount of Tiles or Slates Required. Oh and They Look Great!

We were asked to provide an in roof PV system for a new build eco house in Wrexham, North Wales. A 4kW GSE roof integrated system was selected for the ease of installation and great looks when finished.

The client was interested in developing the most eco friendly house possible. The whole house is designed with energy efficiency in mind and the solar PV system will certainly contribute to the houses eco credentials.

We should mention our friends over at Eco Vert Solutions who were responsible for the design and build of the house.

The client will benefit from energy savings by using the energy produced on site and also the feed in tariff. It is expected the system will pay for itself in 7 – 10 years.

roof integrated solar pv

For more information on roof integrated PV and how it could work for your property or project please contact us.

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