4kW Ground Mount PV
Domestic Solar PV systems don’t have to exist solely on roofs as this Ground Mount system proudly shows!

At The Greener Group we love helping customers invest in renewable technologies, regardless of how much space they have at their disposal. Here the roof of the building was not suitable for a solar PV installation, as such we surveyed the land to find the best place to install the system. Because we design all of our systems in-house we are able to survey the area available and recommend an otherwise unused area of land that would be suitable.

As this is a ground mounted installation we were able to orientate the panels due South, meaning they will receive the maximum amount of potential sunlight.Installed were 16 x 250W Solarworld pv modules connected to a 3.6kW SMA Sunny Boy inverter. With a payback of less than 10 years, this system will continue produce a financial gain and energy saving for the remaining 10 years that is is eligible to receive the Feed-in Tariff.

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