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At The Greener Group we understand that the design and look of your installation is every bit as important as the energy it produces.

This project sees our customers opt for a slightly smaller installation in order to maintain the look and feel of the original roof.

Installed in June 2015, this project maximises available roof space whilst still keeping the look and feel of the original property.

This system comprises 10 x 250W SolarWorld black modules and an ABB PVI-3.0kW inverter. Higher performance modules are available that would have increased the overall size of the system but our customer preferred these particular modules as they reduced the visual impact of the installation by closely replicating the original roof’s colour and design.

Slate Roof PV Installation

The look and feel of your installation is just as important as the energy it produces. We have extensive knowledge of the wide array of products available on the market and will be able to recommend the best equipment to tailor your installation to suit your specific needs.

Facts and Figures

Even with the smaller installation size our customer will see a payback period of less than 9 years – meaning the system will be in profit for over half of its eligible time for the Feed-in Tariff. This installation will also future-proof our customer against any future energy price hikes – and remember as energy prices do increase so too will the savings generated from the installation.

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, and receive a new stream of income at the same time get in touch and we’ll arrange a free site visit so that we can recommend the best renewable technologies for your home.

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