Smasung Heat Pump

Reduce Heating Costs and Benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive

The client based in Wrenbury, Cheshire opted for an Air Source Heat Pump when looking to reduce energy heating and hot water energy costs. Having considered replacing their existing LPF boiler they decide to go for a renewable option with a 16kW Samsung ASHP. The heat pump will provide domestic hot water for baths and showers and central heating all year round. The running costs of the Air Source Heat Pump are a fraction of the LPG boiler and they will make a nice return on their investment through the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. 

Facts and Figures

The property has a heat demand of around 30,000kWh per year which when provided from LPG costs around £2000 in fuel. It estimated that the electricity costs to power the ASHP will be around £600 per year.

The Renewable Heat Incentive payments will be around £1,800 per year for 7 years. Savings and payments will be in excess of £20,000 over the 7 years of the RHI. Savings will of course continue for many years after the RHI.

For more information on the installation or any other please contact one of the team.

Air Source Heat Pumps are ideal heating systems for a range of domestic and commercial properties. With low running costs and attractive returns from the Renewable Heat Incentive. For more information on heat pumps or to discuss your project please get in touch with one of the team

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